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Relax. Much easier said than done i do know . If you've got been sent the fabric with time to prep then i might say that you simply should be off book - it is often getting to be better. That said, do what you'll with the time you've got been given. If we've a last-minute role and have only sent material out the day before, i do not expect anyone to be off book.

Come into the space knowing that we would like you there and are there to form the experience as positive and enjoyable as possible. Ask questions. Ideally know who you're meeting when coming into the space . I always think a number of the simplest auditions are those where actors are conversant in the type of (often crazy) work that I do and are down for the method .

And probably don't wear stripes - it always makes me desire I'm watching one among those optical phenomenon puzzles when I'm watching a tape back. Save stripes for the weekend. i really like stripes.

What are your top tips for nailing a screen audition?

Come in and do the simplest that you simply are often . I'm never that keen on someone 'nailing' an audition. For me, it's such a man-made environment. Stale grey walls, a rubbish chair and bad sound to battle against. i prefer seeing growth in an audition, someone really taking notes well and having a fiddle with the fabric , albeit it doesn't work. Often, I'll ask actors to try to to another take without giving notes, just to ascertain what comes up.

What are a number of the stand out performances you've experienced in an audition?

We recently had an actress audition for a lead within the second series of the top of the F**king World. After her first scene, I knew she had the work . Her performance was so spot on - it felt as if the role had been written for her. That's always an excellent feeling. And annoyingly there are another stellar performances except for various reasons we've not been ready to cast them (date issues, option issues etc.) but memorable none the less and in my little casting pocket to stay for an additional day, another project.